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First Global-Scale Smart Warehouse OMega Unveiled in Bukit Raja by ALP

Posted by admin on May 20, 2024

What is OMEGA
A smart warehouse with automation built-in, engineered through in-depth knowledge of logistics operations, building design, and automation. OMEGA is developed as the next-generation facility for the logistics industry.

OMega 1 Bukit Raja

Land Size: 112,000 sqm
GFA: 171,000 sqm
AS/RS Zone: 100,000 pallet positions

/ Located in Bukit Raja Industrial Park, one of the emerging logistics clusters in Klang
/ Excellent access to major highways, Port Klang, and KLIA
/ Well situated for tenants and customers to interact with suppliers

OPEX Replaces Heavy Capital Investment
OMEGA is an infrastructure with built-in automation, minimizing clients’ upfront investment and risks in technology implementation.

One-stop Automation Solution Design
Building and automation solutions are seamlessly integrated with “ALPOS”, ALP’s in-house strategic IT platform, enabling clients’ WMS to work in harmony with OMEGA’s automation solutions.

Key advantages of ALPOS
Makes Co-Sharing Automated Warehousing Possible
Helps clients to remove the complexity of system integration. with various automation equipment.
– Flexible in accommodating various types of clients. (Brand retailers, Retail distributors, 3rd Party Logistics etc..) 
– Reacts quickly and with agility to fulfill new needs and challenges.
– Provides flexible cost structure to serve various clients’ needs
– Shortens supply chain by offering same-site pallet ownership transfer service. 

Manage B2B and B2C in one single inventory
OMEGA simplifies inventory management, supporting B2B and B2C operations from the same inventory. With the assistance of automation and clear-cut operational areas, OMEGA helps to consolidate inventory while allowing multiple operation services.

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